björn gimstedt



Visual Artist, Sculptor and Musician, born - 1953. Living in Sundsvall, a small town in the north of Sweden.

Works in iron, doing sculptures, pictures and handicraft, using a mixture of modern welding-techniques and traditional smithery.

Occationally using other materials like aluminum, stone, concrete, paint and digital pixels.

Writes music.

Plays and sings any kind of music but allways with a touch of Blues.





I have prepared myself thoroghly: Studied different materials, learnt different handicrafts, watched my surroundings, read some books and reflected in general.

I know what I´m doing .

I´m handy with the grinder.

I chose working with slow materials because it sharpens my ideas. They have to have enough energy to last trough all the phases of beating, grinding, warming and bending that is necessary.



For me the ideas come first . If I go out to find a stone I´m already clear of what I want to do. There are so many stones. Without a selective eye I won´t see the possibilities.

In the same way that I usually know what to buy when entering a grocery store.

Of course sometimes I come out with toothpaste instead of caviar.


Where do I get my ideas ?

I really don´t know, they just pop up . Usually while I´m working. I do my pictures intuitively, trying to avoid others pictures, arthistory or questions on the mode. As good as it goes.





How do I work?

Hard and persistent, slightly improvised. Directly on the material. Weld and grinder are my brushes. Hammer, chisel and emery stick. Burning with gaz. Warming, hitting and watching the structure changing. Saving some and rejecting others.

Until the pictures begin to talk. Until I stand there doing those final adjustments with a small, small file