A sensual sign, an organic gate

Design and handikraft. Bowls, bars or sheer ornamentation.Pictures, presentations, web-design.

I take every commission that challenges my creativity. I give you safe delivery, high quality and costs under control.

Gate, IT-Café at Skönsbergs FH, Sundsvall -02  
" Brave, wild & daring " Sundsvalls city - 06

School of Matfors ,Sundsvall 2014

Pictures at St.Olov, a junior-level school in Sundsvall, 2008

Sundsvall music award - 02,- 04,- 06,- 08   chandelier, Hospice in Sundsvall 2007

Sculpture, a gift from METSO Panelboard to Masonite Ireland Carrick-on-Shannon, 2005   Dragonet of the year 2003 - 08, Sundsvalls city
"the ship", church of Torsåker -01